Dior’s new headquarters in Paris

10 février 2016

Decoration-evenementiel-lycra-tissu-extensible-toile-tendue-velum-Zing-Installations-Dior4Discover the pictures of Dior’s new headquarters in Paris

The three sculptures in white LYCRA ® found their place in the patio of Dior’s new building.

The agency Barbarito Bancel Architects turned to Zing to frame and separate the collections presented in their open-plan ground floor, while creating a visual impression of scale to the upper floors.

Interior design : Stéphane Coville Zing Installations in collaboration with the agency Barbarito Bancel Architects



Decoration-evenementiel-lycra-tissu-extensible-toile-tendue-velum-Zing-Installations-Dior6 Decoration-evenementiel-lycra-tissu-extensible-toile-tendue-velum-Zing-Installations-Dior5 Decoration-evenementiel-lycra-tissu-extensible-toile-tendue-velum-Zing-Installations-Dior3 Decoration-evenementiel-lycra-tissu-extensible-toile-tendue-velum-Zing-Installations-Dior2 decoration_scenographie_evenementiel12

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