LED Scenography for Hilight Tribe

30 mars 2017

Zing continue its search for different ways of decorating using LED.
For Hilight Tribe we developed a lighting scenography that completely covered the public while highlighting the structure of Cabaret Sauvage with its marquee-shaped roof.
Our goal with this LED scenography was to create a unique harmony between musicians, the public and the theater.
Rhythm, dance, music, light and architecture coming together !

Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight2 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight3 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight4 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight5 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight6 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight7 Event-decor-exhibition-structures-design-lycra-stretch-Hilight8

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